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On transforming Divinities


There are many divine energies and beings which permeate our realm and assist us in the growth of our own divine potential. However, it is not only the case that we are assisted by the divinities, but also that we assist them. That is- we are both transformed by divine energies, and also we transform divine energies.


I have been in sublime contact with many of the divinities from most of the major religions, and I have been transformed by some, and have helped transform some. It takes a great deal of humility and emptiness to recognize and receive the transformative energies of such divinities. But it also takes a great deal of belief in oneself and willingness to stand one's own ground in order to transform the divinities themselves. This may sound like a grandiose, arrogant statement, but really it is not so, for we, in our human incarnation, have a great value to the cosmos, in that we can integrate and assimilate many discarnate energies and powers within our singular incarnate existence. In this way we can find within ourselves a new, harmonious balance which comes about from allowing the confluence of many discarnate energies to commingle within our incarnate form.


The imbalances and lack of harmony which occur in this realm due to the various sublime powers and divine beings not having direct, experiential contact with this world can be righted by a single individual who receives, assimilates, and integrates the various disparate, divine beings which have been causing the imbalances, and thus rebalances the whole into a new oneness of greater union and intimacy.


We do not need to be mere puppets in a great, unknowable divine drama. We are transformers of this world, and of the divine beings themselves. We bring God down to earth, and raise Goddess up to heaven, and, in doing so, we complete one of our divine missions.


To read a parallel explanation of this process, go to:


Jack Haas
April 25/2008


digital art / fractal art: The Galactic Self, Harmonizing World Energies, by Jack Haas

Galactic Self, Harmonizing World Energies

by Jack Haas