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My 'sharings'


I was recently invited to give a talk at a spiritual/music festival, but I declined the generous offer because I have never felt like a teacher nor believed that teaching was a part of my highest path; I have always believed that it was most important for me to simply 'share my journey' and let others take from it what, if anything, has relevance to their own. However, after turning down the offer, I began thinking about what my 'teachings' would be, were I to have any to offer others. I quickly came up with a synopsis of my more crystallized perspectives on this life and world in which we participate.


I prefer that the following list be considered 'sharings' rather than 'teachings', since the experiences may apply to myself alone, and to no other. Regardless, I still feel directed to 'share' them. And so, the list runs as follows:


1. Life is a mystery.

2. The individual experience is more valid than the collective, but the reality of the whole is more valid than the individual's reality.

3. Far more goes on in the subtle and invisible realms than in the visible and 'sensed' reality.

4. The Divinities of most religions are real and one can contact and commune with them.

5. Self is self is Self.

6. The limited realities of 'doing' and 'being' are enveloped in an infinite ocean of stillness and peace.

7. Each individual soul is connected to a greater oversoul.

8. Life is beautiful.

9. The Self is already free.



Jack Haas, August/2009