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On raising the vibration of this realm:

there is a Buddha sitting on your head, and that you are that Buddha


One method of raising the vibration of this realm is to immerse yourself deeply within this realm at the subtle energetic level- the ocean of beingness- while meditating. Then become completely still while at the same time consciously energizing your crown chakra. When your crown chakra is fully glowing, know that there is a Buddha sitting on your head, and that you are that Buddha (many Buddhist paintings and sculptures depict this vibrational ascension). Let go of all that you are attached to within this realm. But do not let go of this realm. Have complete acceptance for this existence. Feel your crown chakra descend into your flesh body, raising its vibration, and causing you to substantially ascend into and become the Buddha sitting on your own head. You have just leapt up one octave. Your new root chakra is now the same vibration as the chakra which originally was the first chakra above your head (the chakra octave runs from c to C, from root chakra to the chakra above your head). You are a new being; a stillness Buddha of light; a great vehicle of this realm's transformation. But you must remain still, unattached, light, and substantial, so as to continue to be so.


Hari Om,

Jack Haas, January/2009