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A mantra of perfection: Life is Beautiful

One of the ultimate mantras of perfection is simply, and profoundly, this: “Life is beautiful.”

It is simple because it makes obvious the recognition that life is an unbelievable gift and wonderful treasure; it helps us to remember what we so easily forget.

It is profound because holding within ourselves the knowledge that “Life is beautiful”, is a tremendous weapon against the negative will and consciousness which also inhabits this realm; to maintain the consciousness that “Life is beautiful”, is to achieve victory over the sublime negative mother and negative father aspects of the universe, and so to become, and to unite, the eternal and joyous feminine and masculine aspects of the cosmos within ourselves. To know that “Life is beautiful” is to be a cosmic warrior, radiating the true divine light of existence into the darkness which has infiltrated this realm. To know always that “Life is beautiful”, is to overcome the duality of inner and outer, and above and below, which is to unite heaven and earth, which is to become whole, an incarnate ambassador of the glory that is life.

Jack Haas
April 2011