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New Earth, New Flesh art exhibit


    "I have had the spiritual experience of my flesh being 'enlightened' and transfigured into a new vibration. After this happened I remembered reading about such an event in one of Jiddu Krishnamurti's books; Krishnamurti stated that the cellular structure of the body changes completely at a certain point in our spiritual growth; when this transformation happens, and the flesh is elevated into the spirit, we have once again attained unity with the all: matter and consciousness are now the same thing, and an eternal, ethereal-like realm of unity takes the place of the old dualistic paradigm.

     After undergoing this transfiguration, I felt compelled to begin working on some digital art pieces. At the time, I did not know why I was being drawn and guided to undertake such an expression, but as the art pieces began to unfold, I realized that I was artistically documenting both the molecular transformation of the body, as well as the cosmic evolution of the whole. The following images are examples of this artistic documentation of the transfiguration which comes about through the union of spirit and flesh."

     Jack Haas

click on a thumbnail to see a larger version:

gaia in yang samadhi

intergalactic shaman, rebalancing the universe

divine DNA entering humanity

new molecule transfigured

psychedelic self: the new cell

viscous dimension entering space

enlightened matter

integration of the organic Mother, with the celestial Father

the core of union

upper and lower cosmic trinities

united into one being

fusion: the nuclear union of Goddess and God

Nuclear Tree of Life

Allogenes, the alien Creatrix we are,

inside the energy of our new Creation

petals of the Lotus-Rose, the blessed flower

Gaia in yin samadhi, the new earth matrix