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Freeing the Goddess


In order to set the divine Feminine free the male spirit must descend completely into this realm and endure the energetic attacks from the presiding oppressive forces. The individual must then link with the oppressed Goddess and hold onto Her while forcefully expanding beyond this paradigm. In this way the Goddess is liberated from the clutches of the binding forces and is given a limitless realm in which to now expand.

That is, one must accept the Goddess, but also transcend the paradigm, in order for the bound Goddess to become celestial.


There are other cases in which a Goddess is set free simply by reuniting Her with the Male divine energy which is Her true husband. In this case it is simply necessary for the individual to descend his spirit into this realm completely, bond with the Goddess who is separated from her Male counterpart, and then 'call the God down', as it were, as a way of showing Him that He has become too detached from Her true being, and a greater intimacy is necessary for the divine union.


These two very conscious acts can also take place more sublimely, in a subconscious way, but this latter method is not truly under the control of the individual, and therefore must not be counted upon.


Jack Haas

June 01/08