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Everything is the same thing.


It is a great awakening to realize that everything is the same thing. This is the fundamental aspect of all unity, of all oneness. To see and to feel that everything is the same thing, is to unite the cosmos, the earth, space, all the planets, all animals, people, thoughts, divinities, energies, and hierarchies into the One thing which everything is. An easy way to perceive this is to recognize that the body is composed of thousands of cells, millions of molecules, and billions of atoms, but it is still only one body. At the cosmic level this is also the case, but we need to release all notion and perspective, all sense of a limited identity, all separateness, all creed, all ideology, all division, and all knowing in order to realize this. That is, we need to dissolve into the whole in order to experience the reality that everything is the same thing.


Jack Haas

May, 2011