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Energy Work

(this page is based on an email response I sent to a wonderful individual who wrote to me about their own energy work)

For the past 3.5 years I have been constantly involved in sublime energy work. However, I haven't written anything about it, as this chapter in my life began after my last book.
I work from feel, guidance, and intuition. I'm not one to use a method or practice. Most of my work is done alone during meditation, but all day, every day, I try to stay alert and focused.
What I am doing is somewhat hard to describe. Every day the energy comes differently, but for the most part I am attempting to integrate divine energies in this realm which have in the past been opposed to one another or simply mutually exclusive. This includes a vast combination of both male and feminine divine energies.
I have come under a great number of negative energy attacks due to this, and have had to spend a great deal of time healing my astral body and driving out the intruders, so to speak. I have found some divinities want their way, and that is that, while others are open to transformation and unifying.
For the most part I feel that certain divine feminine energies need to be lifted into a higher vibration so as to be freed from older, oppressive male energies. But this is only one aspect.
Some male energies have had to be coaxed down to earth, so to speak, in order for them not to unwittingly do damage to this realm simply because they were too detached from it.
It is often the case now that I align myself with loving divine energies which have shown themselves to me as forces which I can trust, and then I invite other energies in and attempt to assimilate them into the whole. Often it is not my choice about what works and what doesn't. I have a tendency to be able to accept energies which turn out to be downright negative, so I allow the greater beings to make the choices.
Often my work takes on a microcosmic form, in which I excite my own chakras - from the ones below the root, to the many above the head - and utilize their potency and wholeness to clean the space and to heal my aura. I do this often as it seems I am under constant bombardment from negative forces.
All this sounds a little dramatic, but I still live quite a normal life, though I am very reclusive.
My work seems to be a solitary project, though I know that all things are connected and we transform each other through our efforts.


Jack Haas, December/2008