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The out-of-body chakras

(this page is modified from an email dialogue I have had with another energy worker)

Regarding exciting the chakras which lie below and above the body.

To excite the chakras below the body, imagine that you have a reptilian tail running out your rectum and down into the earth. This is an energy tail. The lower than body chakras feel much different than the others. They have more of a fluid, bodily feel. The energy tail will reach down into the earth, and ground you there.

To excite the chakras above the head, imagine a hole in the top of your head, and a supple cord of light energy rising out through you, infinitely upward. Eventually you should be able to 'feel' the eighth and ninth chakras directly above the head.

Having said this, I occasionally have the experience of divine energy pouring down into and through my crown chakra, then down through the channel in my body, and into the lower, below-the-body chakras. This is one way in which the higher vibrational energy colonizes into this realm. In this case, the lower-than-body chakras feel the same as if you have excited them as I described earlier, but are now be formed of divine light energy from above.
In the latter case, however, I don't think it is up to us to force the energy from above to descend into this realm. If it wants to descend, it will. We must simply be open to it.

I have found that, beyond exciting the out of body chakras, that, by having my crown chakra strongly whirling, I can clear energy easily. It is likely because of this that there were attempts by negative forces to prevent my crown chakra from opening for many years. It took my 3 to 4 hours of meditation per day, over the course of a number of years, to create the opening.

Now, having said all that, I am quite aware that everyone's path is absolutely unique, and that each individual's path might require very different methods than what I have come to use.


Jack Haas, December/2008