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The Earth is now Celestial


We are raised to experience the Earth as our Terrestrial home. However, when one's Buddha consciousness expands far enough to pierce through the ever-present reality, and to escape beyond the confines of the gravitational paradigm, one enters into the great celestial space. If one is also grounded at their 3rd chakra or below, while attaining Buddha consciousness, one 'celestializes' the entire earth.


When we look out into the night sky and see the infinite cosmos all around, what we see is what we are; we are already in outer space; we are already celestial. This is a great leap in the ascension of the Earth. For if the earth is no longer the grounding, gravitational centre of our beingness, then what is? Find out for yourself. In deep meditation, expand your consciousness beyond the earth, become one with the greater cosmic space, but don't leave the earth, take it with you. By becoming Celestial Buddha's we make the Earth Celestial, and that which can join the Cosmic Christ ascends into a higher vibrational plane.


Jack Haas February/2009


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