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Visionary Digital and Fractal art by Jack Haas: gallery 1

The following art images were computer generated using a digital fractal program, and an organic muse.


digital art: fractal: organic nucleus

organic nucleus

digital art fractal art electric cosmos

electric cosmos

digital art, fractal art, rainbow universe

rainbow universe

digital fractal art, divine DNA entering humanity

divine DNA entering humanity

fractal digital art mandala, cosmic molecular restructuring, new age art

cosmic molecular restructuring

fractal digital art mandala, cosmic sunflower

cosmic sunflower

psychedelic digital art fractal mandala Allah, Islamic art

Allah mandala

fractal digital art, mandala Jeweled Web of Indra, Hindu art

Jeweled Web of Indra

fractal digital art mandala new molecule transfigured

new molecule transfigured

fractal art, digital art mandala Rainbow Self, cyber art

Rainbow Self

fractal art: digital art mandala: Rainbow Self inner core

Rainbow Self inner core

fractal digital art mandala wholeness, spiritual art

Rubedo wholeness