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Archetypes, oversouls, and dopplegangers


I have recognized sublime patterns in the human realm which have largely gone unnoticed in the past. The reality of our existence is that we are not nearly as 'individual' as our egos and bodies would have us believe. In fact, I have come to see that our bodies and individual existences are actually connected to greater bodies, or, in Lobsang Rampa's terminology, 'oversouls'.


This means that every oversoul has numerous souls, which is why you can meet someone in life who reminds you in many ways of someone else you have met earlier. This is also the reason for the term 'doppleganger', or 'double'. Actually there are far more than just double expressions of each soul, as an oversoul can have perhaps thousands of bodies attached to it.


If you move through the world fluidly enough, and have a chance to mix with numerous groups of people, you will begin to see that representative souls from many oversouls are always present in each isolated group of individuals. That means that the cosmos requires certain ingredients to create the same stew in different parts of the world at the same time.


I have seen that oversouls can transform in many different ways. This means that you could meet one person earlier in life, and then later in life you can meet the same person in a different body, perhaps even a different gender and race, but still the same underlying soul.


Oversouls can also mix and hybridize, so that you can meet two people earlier in life, and later meet a single person who is a mixture of both. This includes the mixing of genders and races.


In this way the human cosmic realm can work its way towards a greater wholeness, as oversouls mix and intermingle and 'individuals' are born who contain aspects of what historically would require many separate beings to express.


These points are incredibly hard to relate, as each person must begin to see this reality for themselves.

I have attempted to explain this in other ways here: http://www.spiritandflesh.com/a_archeytpes.htm   and




Jack Haas November/2008