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book author Jack Haas, artist, photographer

Author bio:

Jack Haas was born in 1966 in New York State, and moved with his family to Canada in 1971. After completing high school and university in Ontario, he moved to British Columbia in his early twenties. Soon after arriving out west he began many years of world travel and life as a vagabond, during which time he pursued his writing career in whatever circumstances he found himself. Currently he spends a great deal of time in meditation and playing music. He shares his time between British Columbia, Europe, India, and Hawaii. He can be contacted at:


jackhaasmailATyahoo.com (replace the AT with @)





past photos:

Jack Haas  Jack Haas 

underwater photography, Hawaii, Jack Haas  bathing in the Ganges, Jack Haas 

                                                       Hawaii                                          in the Ganges, Haridwar, India

man with guitar, Goa, India, Jack Haas

making noise

above photos by Tanis Mager

Jack Haas is the author of books on: Spirituality, Mysticism, Comparative Religion, Alchemy,  

Poetry, Goddess Spirituality, Autobiography, and Memoir