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Meaninglessness, Apathy, and Ambition

(the following piece is a response to an email which I received)


From my perspective the sense of meaninglessness is not necessarily negative, and is often, in fact, an awakened view of the folly of human civilization. Modern society sets up useless goals and does not support the individual in their 'liberation' from the paradigm. To feel meaninglessness, therefore, is sometimes essential.

The trick is to find purpose and volition outside of the confines of this realm. We are divine beings. We do not need to be societal successes or care about anything that happens in this world in order to be divine. But we do need to be stronger than the profane realm. And by that I mean we cannot allow our spirits to be crushed by this paradigm. I have said before that it is interesting that the word 'apathetic' (which our culture has so thoroughly blacklisted) is the opposite of 'pathetic': I understand that to be apathetic to the world is better than pathetically chasing after it. But if we let go of the meaning the world gives us, what is left? Our true divine, eternal nature, that is what.

Some people will find ways of expressing their divinity in this realm, some will not. That does not matter. What matters is that this paradigm does not steal our life force, for that belongs to our true divinity.
If you do not have ambition for this realm, you might simply be drifting off into Buddhahood. If you can find your centre within, and appreciate that this is the true reality, and not the show that is going on out there, then from that centre you can radiate your divinity into the world, rather than having the world radiate its profanity into you.

I have some older writings on the web which might continue these thoughts: http://www.spiritandflesh.com/a_I_soul_soliloquy.htm


Jack Haas

August, 2008